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MedLite ID Medication Infusion Line products available from Southmedic

Medication Infusion Line

MedLite ID is a simple-to-use, disposable medical device enabling clinicians to accurately and efficiently identify the primary medication infusion line, sometimes referred to as the “safe medication push line”, versus similar infusion lines in all light settings. MedLite ID reduces the risk of infusion confusion by providing lit indicators at the drip chamber, primary medication injection site and the venous access catheter. By pressing any of the three MedLite ID devices, all three light up. Within seconds, MedLite ID improves patient care, safety and efficiency.

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Ansell Health and Safety Solution products available from Southmedic

Sharps Safety

Sharps handling solutions that reduce injury and risk, and aid with compliance standards. Products include instrument drapes, transfer trays, counting and disposable boxes, and needlestick safety.

Fluid & Trip Management

Fluid and trip management products offer simple, cost-effective solutions for reducing the risk of slips, trips, and falls for healthcare workers. Products include absorbent floor pads and cord covers.

Staff And Patient Ergonomics

Ergonomic solutions designed to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries and strain. Products include step stools, patient transfer sheets, anti-fatigue mats and sit-stand stools.

Never Event Protection

Never event protection solutions help prevent costly surgical errors and aid in compliance standards. Products include: skin markers, TIME OUT™ sleeves, correct site stickers and tattoos, medication labelling and specimen handling.

Safety Essentials

Safety essential products are designed to keep the sterile field organized and efficient. Products include cord and tube holders, and suture bags.

Patient Positioners

Patient positioners help reduce the risk of pressure injuries in the O.R; options include head positioners, heel protectors, arm cradles, and ulnar nerve protectors.

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